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Behind there is a team of young enthusiast runners who want to help other runners and fitness enthusiasts to buy their own treadmill.

Our experience has brought us face to face with different international treadmills models which you can often find in e-shops and Fitness Equipment Stores, all over the world. We have had the chance to test these models and make an opinion about their performance. These details are summed in our Treadmill Reviews section. is meant to be more than a treadmill reviews database. Our goal is to make this site a useful resource for those in search of a treadmill. This is why on RunReviews you will find also: a Best Buy section, a Treadmill Comparison tool and Treadmill Workouts.

We also have a Treadmill Price Comparison where you can check different offers from different e-shops for the same model, so you can decide for the best price. If you have any treadmill question and we can answer it, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help.

Best Buy Treadmills under $1000

1. Livestrong 9.9T
2. Horizon T1201
3. NordicTrack A2350 PRO

Best Buy Treadmills between $1000 and $1500

1. Schwinn 860
2. Sole F80
3. LiveStrong LS12.9T

Best Buy Treadmills between $1500 and $2000

1. Smooth 7.6 HR PRO
2. Lifespan TR 3000
3. Sole F77

Best Buy Treadmills between $2000 and $3000

1. Life Fitness F3
2. Smooth 9.45TV
3. Pacemaster Gold

Best Buy Treadmills above $3000

1. Life Fitness Platinum Club Series
2. Landice L7 Club Series
3. Precor 966i